Rory’s 1st Birthday Pawty

Hello friends! I am so sorry it has been so long since we have posted about our adorable dog Rory. As one can imagine, medical school and law school have been quite time-consuming!

Rory turned one year old on January 27th, 2018! Since her birthday conveniently fell on a Saturday we decided to throw her a doggy birthday party (aka a pawty!) We invited our friends and their pups over to our house for a day of fluff and fun. I made the invitations on Microsoft Word and just saved it as a pdf to text to our friends. IMG_0816


I made the birthday banner using the blank side of some flash cards (law students tend to have lots of those laying around!). I just cut a small triangle out of the bottom end and ta-da! Cheap birthday bunting! The gold 1 balloon came from Party City and the adorable doggie birthday hat came from Three Dog Bakery.

We ended up having 5 dogs total (including Rory) in our tiny 1,300 square ft home! Rory was in heaven. She LOVES playing with other dogs. We also made cookies for the humans (even though we put the dog’s names on the cookies). IMG_4252

It was a long day but tons of fun. It was a little wet outside since it was late January in Indiana, but we just kept a towel on hand to wipe the dog’s paws as they came in and out the dog door. Rory was exhausted for two days afterward!

We also got Rory a cupcake treat from Three Dog Bakery and several of her friends brought treats and toys for her as well. I’m sure she had no idea why she woke up one day and suddenly she was gettings all kinds of goodies and all of her friends were here to play, but I would guess it was the best day of her life 🙂


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